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Flair typefaces of the ’70s

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Back in ought-four, Mark Simonson scanned in several examples of ’70s fonts with lots of extra swashy bits. The image below is a cropped thumbnail of one of them. Click on it and scroll down the page to see more.


These fonts date from the same decade that brought us at least one pop song about communicating telepathically with UFOs, and it shows.

And this is the result of using a combination of Photoshop and the source image cropped above as a sort of ‘puterized Letraset:


If I were more perverse and less lazy, I would have added the text “A blog for lovers” below that, similarly swashified. But I didn’t.

Stolen from Jason Kottke.


Written by JPP

January 31, 2008 at 8:40 pm

Posted in Design, Type

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